4 causes that lead to Thrush

Thrush is a condition that results in the formation of rashes inside the mouth that are white in colour. Candida fungus is a kind of yeast that causes the development of this condition in human beings. The condition is mostly found to be affected in the mouth but also in another part of the body in some cases. Vaginal yeast infection in women and diaper rashes in children are very common when affected by thrush. The condition can be affected by anyone, but the risk is higher on toddlers and also adults who have weak immune system. Hygiene plays a big role in thrush. You should not wear tight underwear and always keep your underwear clean. If you have thrush washing underwear with scented detergent is a bad idea. You might feel itchy and the condition can get worse.

There are several factors that might lead to the condition such as medications, illness, smoking, pregnancy, and dentures. White patches are seen across the throat, tongue, cheeks, and the palate.  It is usually found to be affected on babies, but it is generally harmless and common. The treatment for the condition depends on the severity of it.

There are different methods such as systematic or oral medications and home remedies that can be resorted to treating the condition. Mild cases of thrush can be treated easily and effectively, but as the condition gets severe, it is important to look for the cause to get the right kind of treatment. Here are some of the common causes of thrush.

Increase in the level of candida fungus

Candida fungus is already there in our digestive system, skin, and the mouth but only in a small amount. It is required for the proper functioning of the body. The level of candida fungus present in the body is controlled by other bacteria which keeps the level in check. But due to some complications such as medications like antibiotics or corticosteroids, or some illness may result in the level of candida fungus going out of control. This results in the formation of thrush in the body.

Medical conditions

There are a number of medical conditions that are attributed to be the cause of the condition such as cancer, the hormonal changes due to pregnancy, HIV infection, dry mouth, and uncontrolled diabetes.


Another factor that is contributed to being a major factor for the development of thrush is stress. A person who is constantly stressed about things in his life has a higher risk of being affected by the condition. This helps in creating an imbalance in the level of candida fungus and leads to thrush.

Weight loss and feeding habits

Thrush in infants is associated with weight loss and poor feeding habits. It is also attributed to a systematic illness that results in the overgrowth of the fungus.

The immune system might be affected at times due to the medications taken to treat other conditions. This would lead to the dying out of the bacteria that controls the level of candida fungus in the body and lead to the growth of the fungus throughout. Dentures that fit poorly can increase the risk of being affected by thrush. It can also lead to the development of cuts in the mouth that would cause infections.

Thrush is a condition that can be treated easily if diagnosed at the right time. So make sure to consult a doctor as soon as you find the symptoms.